The 2021/22 General Medical Services Contract: What You Need to Know

The General Medical Services (GMS) Contract is an agreement between the UK government, NHS England, and primary care providers such as General Practitioners (GPs) and medical practices. The contract outlines the services that these providers are expected to provide and the funding they will receive for doing so.

The 2021/22 GMS Contract was announced in February 2021, and it includes some significant changes that will affect both providers and patients. Here are the key things you need to know about the contract:

Expanded Roles for Primary Care Providers

One of the most significant changes in the 2021/22 contract is the expanded role for primary care providers. This includes new services such as enhanced health in care homes, anticipatory care, and personalised care. These services require a different approach to traditional GP services and aim to prevent illness and improve health outcomes.

Increased Funding for Primary Care Networks

Primary care networks (PCNs) are groups of GP practices and other health providers who work together to provide integrated care. The 2021/22 contract includes increased funding for PCNs to support the delivery of expanded services and improve care for their patients.

Improved Access to Services for Patients

The contract also includes measures to improve access to services for patients. This includes a new requirement for practices to offer same-day appointments for urgent care and a commitment to providing online consultations for all patients by April 2021.

Increased Investment in Mental Health Services

The 2021/22 GMS Contract includes increased investment in mental health services, with a focus on improving access to psychological therapies and providing support for patients with severe mental illness.

New Quality Improvement Measures

To ensure that providers are delivering high-quality care, the 2021/22 contract includes new quality improvement measures. This includes a requirement for practices to participate in regular clinical audits and to demonstrate that they are continually improving their services.

Overall, the 2021/22 General Medical Services Contract represents a significant shift in the way primary care providers deliver services. With a focus on prevention and improved access to care, the contract aims to improve health outcomes for patients and ensure that providers are delivering high-quality, effective care.